“Interruptions …!”

by Nirwansyah Putra
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra

* * *
The demonstrators were interrupting. Demonstrators opposed rising prices of fuel oil (BBM) interrupt the policies issued by the government or the leader alias the ruler. These are not small pieces of the development. No, this is not just about the negative excesses of development. Moreover, if the meaning of “development” is still in the frame that had carved out by the Orde Baru; enlargement of an elites economy by bureaucratic. No.

They nor interrupt socio-political situation that heating up ahead of the elections and presidential elections in 2014 or Governor elections 2013. It’s also not just an “ordinary” demonstration which is usually full of vested interests of certain individuals or groups. This is a protest, interruptions against a frenzied that occurred in Indonesia.

This interrupt is the rage of dissatisfaction. Not just a dissatisfaction with one direction government policy, which continues to feel most understood what to do and eventually people will understand. Which looked at people only comedy Dear viewers who usually just laugh. Who think there’s just people when the election or regional heads elections held.

Those who protest are being interrupted, rather than just going to correct the policy but they want to replace it with something else. Something desired by the people, which can be enjoyed together in an atmosphere of concern.

They protested that the millionaire has become the billionaire and ironically they still remain destitute. Therefore, any increase in fuel prices will weigh. They think simple; rising fuel, food prices, transportation and others will rise. Hence, the income will be reduced. Rations should be reduced, saving the more sluggish and dizzy head even more.

People worry
As can be ascertained, almost all parties do not agree to these increases, especially of the lower classes. Small people will not care about the upheaval in world oil.

Don’t ask Pertamina, ask the retail gasoline dealers. A few days ago, retail gasoline sold Rp 5.000/liter briefly rose to Rp 6,000/liter. When I asked why it rose so fast, they say this is not because of fuel prices would be raised, but because it is difficult to get it.

Gasoline retail traders are getting dizzy. Moreover, Pertamina gas stations increasingly tightened their sales to the gallon and drum wear. Prior to any planned increase in fuel prices, the retailer admits easy to buy, but when there is a plan to raise and close to April 1, yesterday, the stock was hard to get started.

What is reasonable? Gasoline retail traders would be forced to commute to the gas station and fill up both wheels and then sucked back into the drum at its base. Selling duration is longer, in addition to trips to the gas stations, do not all Pertamina gas stations open 24 hours. With so, Pertamina can not ban and retailers were still able to hold merchandise. What the risks for consumers? Yes, retail gasoline prices rose.

Of course retailers can not be blamed. Because even if fuel prices go up later, this retailer was not automatically have a nice profit. More buyers will choose to buy at the official gallons, because in retail gallon more expensive than the official. No doubt, the retail gasoline business also becomes more difficult especially associated with the prices of daily necessities are obviously already creeping up.

Again, this domino effect is scary. Government could not use a single frame of government itself, as seen so far, when looking at this simultaneous non-fuel price increases. The government should put people’s mindsets in this regard.

Eg delivering newspapers. The cost that they would spend will be will be more crazy every morning when fuel prices go up. For example, to route them through a daily, spending an average of two liters per day. So if at night a deliverer had Rp 10,000 of gasoline, the next morning after delivering newspapers, fuel in the tank begins to run aground. Automatic, for road again in the afternoon he had to fill petrol again. They are lucky when wearing a motorcycle that is not wasteful of gasoline. Imagine if the bike is a wasteful use of type.

The problem was complicated when the numbers are accumulated in 25 working days. When the average low of Rp 10,000 per day, spending just on gasoline to Rp 250,000. When compared to the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) of North Sumatra which is still the range of Rp 1,2 million, then the components of the fuel is draining 20% of expenditure per person. Well, if fuel prices rising with the same income, offcourse the percentage of fuel expenses is higher.

The most cringe, rising fuel prices will usually directly affected to the price of basic necessities. Because, in addition to distribution rates will also rise, other needs that are not directly dependent on the fuel itself, will also rise. The government can not fix the prices that the movement tends to be stable at this time. Certainty of rising prices of non-fuel can be sure if the traders calculations are finished. Referring to the decision of the House of Representatives plenary meeting on March 31 to suspend the fuel price increase of up to six months (September), then it’s traders time continue to count. Just one calculations; how much the price will be raised before, during and after that?

After all, a matter that is not also to achieve a profit but also a matter solely for the business survivalitas. Generally logic, prices rose because of the purchase price rises, but fortunately, the profit is still the same. That is, if people want to buy. If purchased, the portions may not be as much as fuel prices have not increased.

Demonstrations action may have subsided. But people economic suffering just do not subside. The shadow of the fuel price hike in September even more to make a kind of public fear. We can not imagine what will happen in the next six months. When in early March government will take a run to announced fuel price increase on yesterday April 1, so expensive cost to be borne. What if happening within six months? Watch, massive demonstrations across the country last week has brought some economic impact, social and political as well as a tremendous psychological.

That should be corrected is the frame to look at the issue. Government should not only look from their own eyes. The stability of the state budget is not insignificant, but it is far more important is the existence and people survive, as a existense prerequisite of the country that named Indonesia.

Viewed from the eyes of the people, just as ordinary people. It’s impossible to feel the sweat of the people in the luxury hotels and air-cooled when formulating a policy. Impossible to feel the increase of prices due to rising fuel prices when the government formulates it in the meetings that the level of food and drinking is classy elite restaurants. Ironic if the government is meeting to decide the fate of the starving people, with a full stomach.

Protesters certainly will never cease to protest. This is interruption of the people. (*)


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