Wellcome Home, Nando

The ball spun into the corner of the goal. And he, Fernando Torres, handsome blond man, smiling broadly. He picked the ball from the goal Leicester, closely flanked by two hands, and then threw it into the field again. As if, he is taking a piece of soul that is lost during this time, hold it, burying it to the whole body, and let it fly to where it should be; field, ball and goal.

A few seconds later, his teammate went. They all smiled, laughed, along with tens of thousands of spectators who packed the Stamford Brigde. “Welcome back, Nando,” shouted someone, and someone else, and then another and so on, amid the roar of the words “Torres”. There is always a lot of stories behind a goal and each will have the uniqueness. See Torres, no relief and then joy. “So he will have slept well after an impressive performance against Leicester,” said Ian Wright, the former Arsenal striker.

Curse of the media in the UK is terrible. Label “The £ 50million striker …”, as written in The Sun, and the oft-repeated media, has become a heavy burden to bear. The same curse that also had happened to his predecessor at Chelsea, Andriy Shevchenko. But that’s another story in the episode.

Ah, Torres goal was not his person. “Goals were for the fans,” said Torres. He was right. Egoism in football is laughable. Now, fans have debated the arguments for infertility Torres. To fight the slur that they do not deserve to idolize Torres. To reverse the words and sentences to their opponents, that Torres should be sold. To answer that Torres was a failure.

Look, as if Torres is not the foot that kicked the ball into the top corner, but the legs of all his fans. At her feet, there are souls that contains fans hope, the energy drain for the knee, calf, ankle and toes. When the waist slightly rotates receiving feedback from Meireles, as if she was receiving her dance friends whisper, “Thank ball and bury it.” And the goal.

It’s always there will be many stories behind the goal. Also will always remain the same. Staying there will be cynicism. But who are the hope throughout the world, all people, will never unanimously agree on one idea?

He is a child who is missing. He has long been standing in the euphoria of the other names such as Messi, Drogba, Ronaldo or Soldado, competitors in the Spanish national team. The prodigal son was not being told about the action later in the day. Nor is it a matter of first or second goal, which is also probably the third or who knows how many more, or also if there will be no more goals from him. Nor is it a matter of 151 days, 25 hours, 41 minutes.

Hug. He has now returned with a smile. Burden and a curse actually never existed. “I just love playing football,” said Messi.

We all do miss you. Wellcome home, Nando.

picture: thesun.co.uk (all copyright reserved)

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